Living History Unit Registration



Each unit MUST register online with our registration form.  No individuals will be allowed to register.

General Information


All information is related to the August 23, 2014 program at Bladensburg Waterfront Park, 4601 Annapolis Road, Bladensburg, MD.  Public living history events are planned from noon to 6:00 pm. (Since the program is outdoors, there can be changes due to weather. )  There will be evening spectator events including concerts and fireworks that you are welcome to stay and watch.


This is a non-juried War of 1812 event but all living history interpreters are expected to wear attire of this period.


With advance notice, participants may camp over Friday and Saturday nights. Or you may set up camps between 8 am and 10:30 on Saturday. Please contact for more details and parking permits.


Weather permitting, we plan to have the program begin at noon with an open encampment, then the general “grand tactical” at 3pm. A commander meeting will happen at 10am on Saturday.


All battle re-enactment activities will take place in Bladensburg Waterfront Park, Colmar Manor Park, and Cottage City Park – across the bridge from Waterfront Park.  The battlefield area will be marked off with security. Only Military Living History units and event officials are allowed inside the “battlefield” area.


Military Living History Units


  1. Participants:
    • All military living history interpreters must register as members of an organized unit.  (No individuals or walk-ons, please.)  Impressions may include State militia troops and land and sea forces of the United States and of the Empire of Great Britain up through the Summer of 1814. We encourage impressions appropriate to the actual units which were present at the Battle of Bladensburg.
      • US impressions could include either State militia or United States infantry; cavalry (hussars, dragoons, lancers, etc.), ship’s crews, or artillery.
      • Military impressions for His Majesty King George’s forces should be coordinated through the 1812 Royal Marines unit. They can be found on Facebook at   1812 Royal Marines Facebook link  Or email them at RMarine1812(at)
    • All participants will be required to follow the Maryland Park Service Standards for Historic Weapons Use. No exceptions.
    • All participants must abide by the Participant Guidelines and sign the Model release/Black Powder Form.  No exceptions.  See “Registration” below.
  2. Stipend:
    • Military re-enactors participating for the full day will receive a stipend of $25. In addition, participants who are traveling over 100 miles to Bladensburg will receive a bonus of $100 per vehicle of four re-enactors. To be eligible for this bonus, we must be notified in advance of your trip. Those interested in qualifying for the bonus should contact Aaron Marcavitch of the Battle of Bladensburg Task Force.
  3. Additional Allowances:
    • Powder allowance: one pound per participating ‘combatant’ at market rate (generally $15/pound).
    • Artillery “powder” allowance will be a flat $150 to the cannon’s owner for any cannon actually used for battle re-enactment(s).
    • For any unit providing mounted demonstrations, a stipend of $100 will be provided to the horse’s owner.
  4. Meals:
    Each combatant (associated with a military group) is eligible for vouchers for lunch and dinner at our eight food trucks.



Each unit MUST register online with our registration form.  No individuals will be allowed to register.  Registrations will only be accepted until May 31, 2014 online.  You may contact the Task Force if you missed the deadline for registration.


Payment of Allowances


Payment of allowances will me made as soon as practicable after the conclusion of the event. Please note that because of the managing entity’s non-profit status, we prefer to issue checks/payment in the name of units or organizations rather than individual payees.  Groups will need to submit a Taxpayer ID Number and, if possible, insurance certificates.


To obtain attendance stipends and powder allowances for military living history participants, each unit or independent participant should print a copy of the Battle Stipend Invoice form before coming to the event.

This form should then be completed to list each participating /individual for whom you seek payment and/or powder allowances. Unit leaders and detached individuals should be ready to turn in their completed invoice at the morning formation on Saturday,  August 23,  2014.


Demonstrators, Period Crafters, Interpreters and Living History Groups


All sutlers, crafters, and living history groups should be relevant to the 1812 period and wear appropriate and period-correct clothing.  As part of the registration, your group must provide a brief description of the demonstration/interpretation (for use in the printed program). The number of demonstrators/interpreters for a exhibit should not be more than two (3). However, more may be allowed if the exhibit or display is complex or large. 


Re-enactment units may use their re-enactors as interpreters if they have a exhibit separate from their usual or customary encampment. No additional bonus amounts beyond the stipend / powder allowance / meals will be available to these interpreters.  Please submit a separate registration for these interpreters.



Each demonstrator/interpreter MUST register online with our registration form.  Registrations will only be accepted until May 31, 2014 online.  You may contact the Task Force if you missed the deadline for registration.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Living history participants or military re-enactors under age 18 are expected to be under responsible adult supervision at all times.
  • Weapons notes: Units or individuals who wish to participate in weapons drill, tactical demonstrations or battle re-enactments should expect to pass customary weapons safety and handling inspections.
  • For other information, or to learn more about the Chesapeake 1812 military living history units, you will find a calendar of events and links to some of the units at


Be sure to grab the War of 1812 PastPort, published by Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission and the Prince George's County Conference & Visitors Bureau's Visitors Guide - which has a great item on the War of 1812!

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